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Eleanor & Park – by Rainbow Rowell

November 2, 2013

eleanorparkThis is a novel for teens but I thought it was fun to read and recommend it for adults looking for a sweet, page-turning romance. It’s set in 1986. Eleanor is new at school and while she knows she’s different, she is used to not fitting in. She sits next to Park on the bus, and their friendship begins when he notices her reading his comics and he brings her some to take home. Their unlikely friendship eventually turns into a sweet, intense romance as only a first high school romance can be. But Eleanor can’t let her family know – her abusive step father would forbid her to see Park, or worse, kick her out of the house (again). And Park has some anxieties when he invites her home for the first time, since she’s not the kind of girl his mother would pick out for him. These complications, among others, bring challenges to the relationship.

Eleanor & Park is sweet and gritty, and a great read. I especially loved the 1980s setting; the author includes many details about clothes and music that really set the scene. I was hesitant to read a teen romance (who wants to relive high school?!), but this one is not what I expected and I enjoyed it.

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  1. Mary permalink
    December 27, 2013 7:27 pm

    I don’t know this book, but just out of curiousity, is Park of Asian decent? 😉 hehe

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